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Thread: C85 w/ O200 GPU crank

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    C85 w/ O200 GPU crank

    What's the consensus on using GPU cranks in aircraft engines? I found a fresh engine that looked great until I found out that it has a GPU crank installed. This is unfamiliar territory for me.

    From what I understand the GPU crank is the same as a 0-200 crank but it has 2 extra holes in the prop flange and the center boss is shorter than the aircraft crank. The prop studs are smaller in the flange and have bushings on them on the prop side to fit the std1 aircraft prop and bolts.

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    Whats your life worth when the shaft breaks?

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    I think you're referring to the conversion of the Continental PC-60 90hp GPU crankshaft for installation into C-85's, C-90's, and O-200's.

    Supplemental Type Certificate
    STC Number: SE2734CE

    The center hub is not as long as the O-200, and the lighter flange has 2 extra holes and may need an auxiliary reiforcing plate and the mounting studs replaced with appropriate prop nut inserts

    I think there were 125 of these, but I believe at least one was destroyed in an accident in California. Personally, I wouldn't be afraid to fly behind one, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others either.

    The STC was issued to:
    Air Sports Inc
    Rt. 2 Box 132
    Marshfield MO 65706

    Description of the Type Design Change:
    Continental P/N 530182, crankshaft is being replaced with crankshaft P/N AS530182 obtained by modification of Continental PC-60(Packette) engine crankshaft.

    Issued, 06/28/1991

    Responsible Office:
    ACE-115W Wichita Aircraft Certification Office Tel: (316) 946-4100

    TC Number -- Make -- Model:
    E-252 -- Teledyne Continental Motors -- C90 Series
    E-252 -- Teledyne Continental Motors -- O-200-A

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    These small crankshafts do break, but it is usually not a catastrophic event. Mine had had a prop strike (not me) and when it let go about 500 hours later it just sort of sounded funny, so I landed. I'd say if the crank has never had a strike, it probably won't break. It isn't an O-360, after all.

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