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Thread: Delco Remy voltage regulator

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    Delco Remy voltage regulator

    Steve Pierce and T.J. Hinkle: Thanks for your advice on my old 320 engine problems. I dropped the engine off at Penn Yan last Friday (the hours since new, etc are hard to determine because early logs are missing (engine is 1955 vintage/thus I did not get back to T.J. with answers to his questions) and if the narrow case and crank are OK will do a Superior overhaul with a 5 yr warranty or TBO which ever comes first taking oil samples twice a year. Will hear tomorrow whether the crank and case in OK! Anyway, sent generator off for overhaul and then found Delco Remy voltage regulator had been arching to a bolt located behind it on the fire wall (bolt with no nut and not holding anything) arching field terminal that smoked the regulating coil and burned the points. What are people using in 2005 for a regulator with the old generator still working. Thanks again to all who help this old goat and his NOT DO Bargain 1956 PA-18A Cub. Jerry McCammon

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    I've heard, TJ, that a regulator can easily be repaired by installing your old PMA'd cover on a new automotive AC-Delco regulator. That seems like it would pass the "minor repair" smell test, wouldn't it? (wink, wink)

    *I* would never do that, though. Nope. Not me. Never.

    Jon B.

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    Which generator do you have? I probably have a spare regulator.
    Steve Pierce

    Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
    Will Rogers

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