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Thread: Constant Speed... Why Not?...

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    Constant Speed... Why Not?...

    They're heavy, expensive, and add complexity...


    If I had a CS prop and flew from here to Big Creek, ID (my favorite), I'd probably knock off a couple of hours of flight time and still have a climb prop went I got there...

    In my younger days, I knew a guy with a Tripacer who installed an O-320 and CS off an Apache, like a whole new airplane...

    I see Atlee has an STC to install a CS on a Super Cub, but I don't think I've seen one installed and I know I haven't seen you guys write about it...

    There'sgotstobeareason! or Therestofthestory!...

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    This could be interesting. I?d like to hear from somebody thats done it.

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    I have a 76" constant speed on my bushmaster. With 26" tires, I get 120mph at 65% (81/2gph) and 130mph at 75%(10 1/2gph). My plane is a little bigger than a cub (37.5' wingspan) but fairly light 1194lb. empty. I think a long "Borer" at 2700rpm will produce alittle more thrust.


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    CS Prop.

    Jim Richmond at Cub Crafters has done some testing with the constent speed prop and said it just didn't have the thrust coming out of the hole like a Borer prop. My neighbor had a PA-18 160 with a CS prop and has now converted over to a 180 hp with the 84" thin blade (like a Borer only 2" longer) Pawnee prop. This setup really works well on the PA-18 and most guys are seeing 105 mph at 2400 with it. He said the same thing about the CS prop, it was a dog on take off. Crash

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