View Full Version : Please support 3rd Class Medical options.

05-25-2012, 02:53 PM
Here's the link to comment...It's very easy..


Also, Please comment and urge your Congress-folk to keep the FAA in the commercial arena but get them out, 'cept for safety learning programs, of the GA community. I see no reason to waste tax dollars on us GA guys when most are responsible and frankly don't want to kill themselves. Ha!.

Here's my comment to the FAA on http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=FAA-2012-0350-0001;

Comments apply to GA only;

I fly abt 25-75 hrs per year in Alaska and support the efforts to allow pilots an option to take control of their own health. It's not the Gov job and is a waste of tax dollars to spend so much.

All the pilots I know also support this effort.

Many feel it's not the Gov's responsibility to control our lives, how we maintain our aircraft and and our health.

Let the FAA control commercial businesses and except for distributing safety information, leave the GA community to monitor itself.


WRH :-)