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03-07-2009, 01:17 AM
Hi there,
I know this is a far cry for help, but I'm a young college kid/work full time/cub builder and have run into a bit of a problem. I had an accident today working on my cub, the temporary gear it was sitting on gave out. I was siting in the cub when it happened working on my instrument panel when the right gear leg gave out. I went from what looked like a little hanger flying to laying on the ground sideways in my cub. I had to go to the hospital and get a cat scan due to a slight concussion. I'm more worried about my cub. It has some issues where it must get re-welded between the rh wing attach points and the rh aft landing gear/wing strut attach fitting. I'll attach some more photos as soon as I head back over to where its at. I know its my fault I used this "sub-par" landing gear.

Back to my main questions... I'm looking for a place to assemble and cover this plane. The place I have it now, I don't have as much access to the airplane on weekends, and evenings, when I have time to actually work on it. I have check with my father, and he said his garage is full up, and the smell of dope is not what he wants to go to sleep at night with. I'm looking for a place to assemble the 2 wings, cover them and paint them. The fuselage is already assembled, minus some dis-assembly for the accident that happened. It is ready to cover. What I'm asking for is for some spare hanger space, shop space, etc that I might have access to on weekends and weekday evenings. I am taking every paycheck I have and dropping them into this cub just so I can get it finished.

I cant afford to pay much for rent, but I'm a young A&P with lots of experience for my age. I have worked on anything from turbine otters to taylorcrafts. I'd be willing to trade out some work possibly for rent or maybe we can make a deal. My folks are getting tired of cub parts around their house and garage. I keep telling them it'll be done soon, but I keep having set backs and lack of time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm located in Anchorage Alaska. Thanks for your time!


03-07-2009, 06:20 AM
Dude, that sucks, hope you recoup soon. If your in a bind I would suggest renting one of those storage units big enough for your project, get one in the very back of the yard and keep your intentions to your self, a lot of the time they have electricity already in them for the lights you can wire off one of those if you had too. All this if you really can't find a place.

Im sure someone on this site has a little extra room at their shop.

Steve Pierce
03-07-2009, 07:02 AM
Dang Bill, I wish you were closer because you could for sure use my shop. :D

Bob Breeden
03-07-2009, 08:06 AM
Got plenty of hangar space in Sterling, AK. 2 hours 10 minutes by car from Potter Marsh. Is that too far?

Bob Breeden


03-08-2009, 02:28 AM
Check your PM.