View Full Version : Extending sheetmetal from bootcowl further aft

01-08-2007, 12:06 AM
My airplane has been sitting in the front yard for nearly 2 months without turning a prop... Its either snowing or too cold.... Alaska winters.... Anyhow I have been sitting here thinking since I haven't been flying and I've got some questions.....

Has anyone considered extending the sheetmetal from the boot cowl further back like some of the ag planes have... 18" - 36" is what I had in mind... It would make a difference if you could remove sheetmetal for inspection purposes, repairs etc.... And if anyone ever starts putting turbines on these things I would think it would help with heat issues....

I am curious about Dakotas extended wings and if they come with a tip other than a droop tip? Has anyone tried to extend wings with longer spars and keep the bow tip? I am curious about dakota slotted wings? Has anyone worked a set yet? I have a light cub...just under 1100 lbs... 160 h.p. 31's... borer prop.... stock wings....the airplane does very well.... and is very light on the controls... I know that I can't have everything... I'm just inquiring to see if my next cub that I put together needs to have some changes... For my operation I like to stay light with as much h.p. as I can get... All without risking the need to put myself, my family and all of my friends on a diet...

01-08-2007, 12:44 AM
I like the idea of sheet metal panels but i dont think it has as much of a practical application on a cub as it does on an ag plane. The agplanes rack up alot of time reak quick-fast-like-and-in-a-hurry. :D

They really need tha access. I think most of the cubs have plenty of access for inspections. If you are doing repairs then thats a different story.
I have, on the back burner, the idea of making a corben baby ace. with all the panels camlocked on to the fuselage. I want it for a summer float plane. I dont care about the lines I just want it to be easy to maintain.