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05-09-2006, 08:07 AM
Flying Folks,

Firstly - folks please come and fly in our wonderful SouthAfrica/Botswana / Mozambique area - a wonderful flying and wildlife adventure and easily organised for you from here in SA - the flying community would welcome you.

I love this show !!
I love this huge community of cub flyer nuts and builders who selflessly impart info and stuff.

I live in South Africa and am looking towards importing a Supercub PA 18 or a PA 12 kit. We dont have the 51 % rule and I have an excellent aircraft builder who I can commission to build.
Even though my great love is the PA 18 - I suspect I will go for a PA 12 for the extra space/ width in back.
Prime requirements are for a max payload airframe - a large huge baggage area - for example - the crosswindsstol baggage mod is fantastic.
Need a fuel capacity of 60/ 70 USG - we have a big country with few airports with avgas.

Question - which kit?
Smiths / Dakota wings with Airframes fuselage / Northstar or ????
I think the crosswindsstol folks only modify existing fuselages.
Which kit to go for - which would allow me to incorporate into the fuselage a large baggage area and still allow max fuel ?
My only expierence of the above kits is viewing a completed Northstar in San Diego - lovely plane - impressive - did what it said on the tin apparently.
We have a few Supercubs and PA 12 in South Africa - Im sure some are Supercuborg members. We would love to see you guys over to fly in our wonderful country. I know a SA members - Ben and Felicity Meyer - are trying to organise a SA flying tour with the US Superclub clan.
aerobatic sean

05-09-2006, 08:13 AM

Welcome!!! I was in Madagascar and Mozambique for a total of five weeks two years ago. I would LOVE to be able to fly a cub over there!!

I would go with the Dakota wings. In fact I was talking with them at the Trade show here in Anchorage about a new set for mine. You have several options, either have them build up a -12 wing, or an adaptable -18 wing. There are lots of different options like standard -12 tanks, PA-18 tanks, extended flaps and on and on. They look very well built and a reasonable deal to have a brand new wing.

Good luck on your project. Check out my user Gallery here on the board for photos of my -12.

05-10-2006, 05:54 PM
Hi Sean

I'm a US citizen, have been traveling to South Africa for work over the past couple of years. I use to have lunch pretty often at Harvard cafe at Rand airport.

I've stopped by the flight school once or twice there and inquired about rentals, but apparently short of having an ATP, I would have to get a SA certificate to be able to rent there.

Any thoughts on how to get around all the retraining ?


05-15-2006, 05:24 PM
Come back to South Africa soon !!
I feel you have been given wrong advice re using your US FAA licence.
You should be able to validate your US FAA private/ commercial licence - or any licence.
SA validation will entail writing a SA Air Law test , a SA Radio test and flying both a General Flying Test - think Biannual Flight Review - and a Navigation flight - all straight forward stuff for a US pilot.
Be aware of deaing with thunderstorms, density altitude computations, remote area navigation ie using checkpoint nav and not only GPS !!
I did a SA PPL validation - based on my UK CAA PPL licence -I also have a FAA Private licence. My validation took two 1 hour flights and held no surprises.
Keep flying

aerobatic sean

05-17-2006, 10:27 PM
Thanks for the info Sean, I'll definitely give it another try. I guess density altitude is pretty important, I guess all the Guateng/High Veld area is a mile high ! I found that out when I did a 94k bike ride there last year. Pretty tough for a Georgia boy.

What are your favorite trips there ? Lots of interesting terrain to choose from.

Bill Rusk
05-18-2006, 07:58 AM
The Smith Kit is a fine kit but I have no knowledge of the new owners. I have heard good things, in that they want to ramp up production to shorten delivery times and that they plan to put in more stuff to make the kit even more complete. You might contact them and talk with them, as well as the folks at Airframes, before making a choice. Both choices seem good so it will probably come down to your particular needs and desires.

Best of luck