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05-25-2004, 03:36 PM
I am going to post my comments on FAA-2004-17041 Noise Stringency Increase for Single-Engine Propeller-Driven Small Airplanes.

I wanted to post and get feedback on it before I do submit it. Hopefully it doesn't sound like some of the mindless dribble the "anti-noise" people post. Let me know what you think.

Comments on FAA-2004-17041

Noise Stringency Increase for Single-Engine Propeller-Driven Small Airplanes.

In reviewing this NPRM, several concerns come to mind. Under the Background ? Synopsis of the proposal portion of this proposal it states ?The new limits will apply to new type certificates (TC?s) and Supplemental Type Certificates (STC?s) for which application is made after November 4, 2004?. This statement has potential to subject future STC applicants to unnecessary noise testing resulting in possible denial of STC. Older certified aircraft have engine/propeller/exhaust combinations that would not pass this new level of noise testing. Requiring STC applicants to meet more strict noise level testing then was required for the initial aircraft certification seems extreme. If a person applies for an STC for extended baggage or some other modification not effecting current engine/propeller/exhaust combinations, under this rule it would appear that now this applicant will have to certify his modified aircraft to the new noise level requirement, when his actual modification had no effect in the increase or decrease of the noise levels produced by the aircraft. This rule would also force more costly testing and perhaps denial of STC due to the noise requirements on an STC applicant who wishes to use a different engine/propeller/exhaust combinations to allow better, safety enhancing, STOL performance, all because he is now held to a more stringent noise requirement than his aircraft was originally certified under. STC applicants should only be required to meet the noise requirements that the aircraft was originally certified under.