Support the Journey

There are four different ways you can support Retracing Flight of Passage

1.  Sponsorship Banners,  $250, $500, or $1000 to be displayed on the Retracing Flight of Passage web page.   Your support in this way helps pay for the tools need to track the trip, remote internet access, spot tracking, live and prerecorded video updates, and more!  Contact Dana Osmanski at 608-235-9696 or email her at

2.  Make a tax deducatable donation to the Austin Hatcher Pediactric Cancer Foundation through their Flight of Passage page.

3.  Make a donation of any amount to help defray the infrastructure cost of tracking and promoting the trip.   Click the donate button below to pay with Paypal or Credit Card (you do not need a PayPal account)

4.  Help spread the word about the trip!   Share it on Facebook, email it to your friends, etc!