A Great Day with Rinker and Kern Buck at 11N

Rinker and Kern Buck Renact the Famous Plane Front Picture from the Book

It was a great day at Candlelight Farms airport near Sherman, Connecticut where Chris and April (and a few others of us) spent the afternoon with Rinker and Kern Buck.  There was lots of flying both literal and hangar, and we have a caputred a lot of great video which we hope to get edited and posted soon.   Both of the Buck Brothers were impressed with the rebuild (and how it flew) and appreciative of the trip that April and Chris launced on today.

Click Here to see the video of the Bucks discussing the trip with Chris!


Rinker Buck, Chris Nesin, Kern Buck, April Nesin, and of course, Lenny

Rinker and Chris go for a ride

Kern reconnecting with 71H