Trip Summary

1 Month

26 States

7258 Miles

99.8 Hours

141 Landings

459 Gallons of gas

3 oil changes

7 wingmen

420 Gigabytes of pictures and video

Highest airport: Greater Green River Intergalactic (48U) - 7182 feet

I made it home

I got to give a plug to the new spot tracker extreme. I've had it on for 24 days straight and it finally died. I'm sad it didn't show my arrival into Jasper, TN. I was greated by my wife and neighbor filming the landing I was tired, sore and happy to be home. One month to the day of my first flight and I've finished my coast to coast to coast flight.


Headed east - Day 2

It started out perfect. I hit the air running at 7am and was gawking at beautiful scenery. Hopping along 80 I enjoyed the engineering of the interstate and neighboring railroad for miles. We went over several ridges before heading down into the Bonneville salt flats. I flew over the drag strip, looking with curiosity, and then down 80 towards the Salt Lake.

Headed east Day 1

I started out this morning driving in the dreary California traffic. Not sure why I chose 8 for a departure but I was told the overcast would be high enough by then. When I arrived at 8:30, the overcast was just high enough.


I-80 route accepted

71Hotel is ready for the east bound departure. We will be leaving in the morning with my sights set on Salt Lake city area for the night. Due to time constraints, legs will be longer and stops will be less frequent. Please see the route map page for more details. Should you wish and extra stop, please let me know via the contact form and I'll try my best.


At $1 each, I won't be dropping any avocados on my departure

Delays possible in Sonoma

The last few days I had gotten an increasing drop when I tested on the right mag. If there are non-aviation people reading this, a magneto (mag) is a self contained unit on the back of the engine that runs the spark plus. There are two on each engine providing backup to one-another. My friends at Sonoma skypark started to help me diagnose it yesterday and we got the plugs all fixed up.



Yesterday April and I completed two very beautiful days if flying. The California coast is something that I, whom not that great with words, cannot describe. The whole trip across the country was beautiful, each part of the country with its own special beauty. The west coast was just a nice cherry on top of the trip.
I do hope to do more short videos of the flight up the coast and the rest of the trip. I wish I could have hired a videographer to post while doing the flight, as I'm too tired every night to sit and go through hours of video.

End of my journey

We extended our trip and flew up the coast to Palo Alto. As Chris wrote, we have both driven this route before but flying it in a Piper cub was spectacular!!!  We got to see things you can't see from the road, especially when the road turns inland. Additionally, watching the marine layer move in and out was breathtaking. We tried to get some great videos. Even though our retracing trip is officiallybover, we continued to meet amazing people and great fans of the book.